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World Cup Heat Shrink Tubing (loose)


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For us, building Tactic Carp started with the first heat shrink tubing sale. We are extremely grateful to you for that!

Heat shrink tubing on your hook has many advantages. The most important thing is of course the best hook-up. The bend in the shrink tubing ensures that the hook always hooks in the same place: behind the hard edge of the lower lip. In addition, the shrink tubing protects the corners of the mouth during the drill.
Our heat shrink tubing is the most subtle on the market because it shrinks almost completely tightly around the hooklink material. I (Willem Kwinten) have been using it for more than 10 years and don't use anything else. For me it is a sport to make our presentation and tactics as refined as possible to outsmart the carp. The heat shrink tubing is a small part of that which gives me more confidence in my rigs. The bend in the right place in the shrink tubing ensures the greatest chance of perfect hooking.
The shrink tubing comes in bulk lengths of 5 meters. With the 1.85cm cutting tool you can tie no fewer than 270 rigs! Converted, you save in the long term and you have the best you can find.
To apply the shrink tubing perfectly, we have developed a number of useful tools. This makes it easier, faster and better to apply.

– WK Knikje, for the perfect shape
– WK Hulsje, to maintain the shape
– Scissors, to stretch the shrink tubing
– WK Cutting Tool, to cut the shrink tubing

I have been using the shrink tubing for more than 10 years and after testing hundreds of types I can say with certainty that no shrink tubing shrinks as nicely as this one. I hope you will continue to hook carp perfectly with it for another 10 years! – Willem Kwinten