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WK Nod


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The perfect heat shrink tubing shape, every time. You do that with the World Cup. To get the bend in the shrink tubing in the right place, all you have to do is place the rig in the mold and hold it in the steam of boiling water for a while. Make sure you steam it at maximum heat to ensure that the shrink tubing shrinks completely.

The World Cup Nod is available in two variants. For one rig and for five rigs at the same time. Both have been improved with a longer handle to keep your fingers away from steam and it is now possible to put the rig in the jig with shot on the hook. The white line indicates where the shrink tubing should go. To do this, cut the shrink tubing to 1.9cm.

Heat shrink tubing on your hook has many advantages. The most important thing is of course the best hook-up. The bend in the shrink tubing ensures that the hook always hooks in the same place: behind the hard edge of the lower lip. In addition, the shrink tubing protects the corners of the mouth during the drill.