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WK Heat Shrink Package


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The well-known Willem Kwinten SHRIMP STOCK package. If you want to improve your catches and get fewer releases, here's everything you need to create the perfect heat shrink tubing shape.

What's in it:

  • 5 meters of heat shrink tubing (for 260 rigs)
  • WK Knikje – Heat shrink mold for 1 rig and for 5 rigs
  • example protector sleeves for your rig wallet (5 per size)
  • Stretching scissors.
  • WK Cutting tool
  • Happiness card with step-by-step plan and tips
  • Stickers from Sjors of course!

Our heat shrink tubing is the most subtle on the market because it shrinks almost completely tightly around the hooklink material. I (Willem Kwinten) have been using it for more than 10 years and don't use anything else. For me it is a sport to make our presentation and tactics as refined as possible to outsmart the carp. The heat shrink tubing is a small part of that which gives me more confidence in my rigs. The bend in the right place in the shrink tubing ensures the greatest chance of perfect hooking.

Scissors – To get the shrink tubing over any hook size, it is advisable to stretch the opening slightly. Due to the thin flexible wall, you can easily stretch the shrink tubing slightly with these scissors so that it easily fits over any hook size. The shrink tubing then shrinks back completely tightly.

WK Cutting Tool – Consistently cut the shrink tubing to the perfect length and at high speed.

WK Knikje 1 and 5 – The perfect heat shrink tube shape, every time. You do that with the World Cup. To get the bend in the shrink tubing in the right place, all you have to do is place the rig in the mold and hold it in the steam of boiling water for a while. Make sure you steam it at maximum heat to ensure that the shrink tubing shrinks completely. The World Cup Nod is available in two variants. For one rig and for five rigs at the same time. Both are uniquely designed with a longer handle to keep your fingers away from steam and it is now possible to put the rig in the jig with shot on the hook. The white line indicates where the shrink tubing should go. To do this, cut the shrink tubing to 1.9cm.

Heat shrink tubing on your hook has many advantages. The most important thing is of course the best hook-up. The bend in the shrink tubing ensures that the hook always hooks in the same place: behind the hard edge of the lower lip. In addition, the shrink tubing protects the corners of the mouth during the drill.

WK Protector Sleeves – This handy protector sleeve solves a known problem. This ensures that the shrink tubing continues to keep the perfect shape in your rig box! You click the sleeves over the shrink tubing so that the shrink tubing is not straightened when the rigs are stretched. They fit over any hook size and are reusable. Super simple and effective! No more fiddling around with the water to get the shape right again. Click off the protector sleeve, bait the rig and fish immediately! The package contains 5 sleeves of all three sizes. Perfectly indicated which sleeve is for which hook size. You can save the label as a measurement.