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World Cup Clip


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This is a revolutionary technique for clipping your line! String tight above the water to the clip and then with a slack line to your rig. No other system works on this principle where you can put as much tension on the line from the rod as necessary and the side of the rig allows any fish to pull the line out of the clip without difficulty. Unlike all other clips where you can/must pull equally hard from both sides to get the line out of the clip.
The benefits of clipping your line:
– no line pressure
– no false beeps
– no line swimmers
– no current
- no wind
– no floating debris
– electric motor free
Because the carp on your swim will not encounter a tight line, you will get many more bites. The carp simply does not realize that fishing is taking place.

This unique technique of line clipping was invented and designed by myself and has been in use and under development for 10 years. With the new design it is a piece of cake to clip the line. The clips are of high quality and will not break. So it is a long-term investment! I have 3 in the bag as standard and that has already saved me a lot of annoyance and resulted in fish!

Willem Kwinten