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The One Hook


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Your choice of hook is a matter of trust, we understand that. That's why we ask you to give this hook a chance to see that this really is “THE ONE”.
The biggest advantage of this sharp hook is that it stays sharp!
25 hooks in a durable small package. Hook size has an average fit like Gamakatsu Superhook.
Our advice: Size 6 in winter and for carp up to 15kg. Hook size 4 almost always. Hook size 2 against obstacles and with hook bait larger than 20mm.

  • First choice for every fishing
  • Bottom Baits and Pop-ups
  • Razor sharp
  • Stays sharp!
  • Extremely strong
  • Perfect for the WK Rig
  • Smooth PTFE (Teflon) coating
  • Size 6 and 4 perfect for dressage waters
  • Size 4 and 2 perfect for obstacles, canals and rivers

Tactic Carp – The One, Your Tactics!

I'm so excited about the new hook! No more doubts about which hook to choose. You can't go wrong with THE ONE. Our hook is sharp with a durable point! If you ask me, the only hook you need. All the best features combined in the perfect model that will bring you more carp in the net.

Willem Kwinten