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Garlic Gamba Boilies


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Garlic Gamba

An exquisite fishmeal boilie that enchants the carp's senses with its luscious aromas and tantalizing flavours. Upon first introduction, a beautiful scent is released, infused with notes of fresh garlic, which subtly mingle with the salty essence of the prawns.

The Garlic Gamba presents itself in a soft, washed-out color. A carp bait carefully composed with only the very best ingredients. Adding ground shrimp and shells creates a 'crunchy bite' followed by an irresistible taste that invites you for more. This bait is highly digestible and is the textbook example of the perfect balance between fishy, spicy and subtle vanilla notes. A masterpiece that is based on continuous signal effect, a unique taste sensation and therefore leaves a lasting impression on the carp.

Whether you are a seasoned carp angler or just starting out, the Garlic Gamba boilie is a must-have in your bait arsenal. Experience the magic of this underwater flavor explosion and enjoy catching carp with a bait that really makes a difference!

Garlic Gamba, Your Tactics


It is no secret that I have been mixing my boilies for years and always combine a fish meal with a sweet boilie. By applying this TACTIC you appeal to a much broader population of carp. To make this accessible to you, we offer BULK DEALS. You get the opportunity to fish like me with two fantastically different baits that do have some similarities. Do you also want to appeal to that broad carp population? Then go for the Garlic Gamba and Creamy Custard Mixed Bulk deal.  My 'MAGIC MIX' becomes your MAGIC MIX!

Pieter van der Werfhorst

Did you know that carp accept this bait faster than ever due to the perfect composition of ingredients and attractors? For even faster bites and reliable hook bait selection, you can use our boosted hookbaits. 3 in 1: Hard, lightweight and soaked!

Willem Kwinten