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Boosted Hard Hookbaits – Wafter


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Uniquely composed boosted hookbaits that, despite the attractive bait, still ensure that your hookbait stands out. Oils, appetite stimulators and natural Liquid provide a unique signaling effect that the carp cannot resist. By adding our unique pop up mix, these Boosted Hookbaits are lighter in terms of specific weight. We set the buoyancy to our liking, floating, as a wafter should be.

• 3 in 1
• Wafter
• Boosted
• Extra Hard
• 15 and 20 mm mixed

*There is now also a sinking version of the boosted hookbaits – perfect for snowmans.*

I have been boosting hook bait for decades, I want my hook bait to stand out among the lined boilies. We have now gone one step further by not only boosting the boilies, but also making the bait lighter in weight, so that your boosted Hookbait not only stands out because of the signal effect, but above all is sucked in much faster.
Mud bottoms are real carp magnets, especially during the warming spring. Within 5 minutes your hook bait will smell just as bad as that rotting bottom. Boosted hookbaits are your answer to this. The lighter weight ensures that it sinks less far and because the Boosted Hookbait is filled with attractors, there is no longer room for that nasty mud smell